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If you completed the annual update this summer, you have already seen this, but we have enabled a feature in your portal that will allow you to update your contact information and manage your volunteering, such as your availability for interviews.  This link will be available at all times through your portal and we encourage […]

We have added a new feature to the portal which will tell you which admission dean is assigned to your area and their contact information.  This information should update if you move to a different area.  You can find this information on the top right-hand corner of portal screen, under the general WAAV contact information, […]

We have added functionality to the WAAV portal that will allow you to view and claim college fairs the same way that you claim interviews.  It will list any college fairs available to claim within 50 miles of your address in our system.  You can claim fairs and then use your portal to complete the […]

In any area of your alumni portal, you can use the Control key and the “+” key to increase the size of the text until it is at a size that you would like it to be to read it properly.  Similarly, you can use Control and – to decrease the size of the text.  […]

If you have submitted your evaluation form, but it says “pending” and not “completed” next to the student’s name, then your evaluation form was not filled out correctly.  You need the student’s birth date, e-mail address, and full legal name on the evaluation form.  This information will clearly show when you go to file your […]

Welcome the WAAV portal system! We believe that this system should be much easier to use for everyone than our old system.  We are excited to enter our second cycle using this system and hope that you will find the enhancements helpful to you What’s really great about this new system: No more WesNet login […]

If you have been corresponding with the student and some time has passed without hearing from the student and you do not have an interview time set, we would encourage you to reach out one more time to ask the student if they still wish to have an interview.  If you still do not hear […]

Every couple of weeks, we will be checking on those students who are unclaimed.  For those students in areas without any or sufficient WAAV, we will reach out to them about the possibility of scheduling a Skype interview.  For those who do have alumni available in those areas, we will reach out to WAAV to […]

When you claim a student, you will see their contact information.  You will also be CCed on an e-mail that goes to the student with your name and contact information, and they are encouraged to reach out to you to schedule the interview.  You may also reach out to them as well.  We recommend that […]

While you are welcome and encouraged to check your portal as often as possible, we will be sending out an e-mail reminder on a regular basis (at least every other week) to all WAAV letting them know that interviews are available to be claimed in their areas.  We may also be in touch more individually […]

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