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When you claim a student, you will see their contact information.  You will also be CCed on an e-mail that goes to the student with your name and contact information, and they are encouraged to reach out to you to schedule the interview.  You may also reach out to them as well.  We recommend that you contact them if you have not heard from them after a reasonable amount of time.

While you are welcome and encouraged to check your portal as often as possible, we will be sending out an e-mail reminder on a regular basis (at least every other week) to all WAAV letting them know that interviews are available to be claimed in their areas.  We may also be in touch more individually if there are unclaimed interviews so that as many of the students as possible who would like an alumni interview can have one!

We understand that this is a change from the way we used to do things.  We have transitioned to a new database system in Admission, which is allowing us to do a number of different things across our process that we were unable to do before.  The system is set up to function in this way as opposed to the former way we did business.  While we do understand that this may create a marginal amount of extra work for WAAV and require somewhat of a shift in our view of the process, I think that there are some real benefits, like not having to use WesNet and remember that log in any longer, and the ability to more easily manage your interviewing,  You can also clearly see the address we have listed for you so that we can quickly make address updates.  We will send regular reminders to WAAV to check their portals to claim students, and to let them know how many interviews are ready to be claimed in their area.  While it would be wonderful if you would check your portal regularly (around once a week) on your own, we will prompt you to do so on a regular basis if you do not remember.  We think this is no more than a couple of minutes per week commitment.  The students you claim will receive your contact info via e-mail and are encouraged to reach out to you.  I do not think this will ultimately create much extra work in the long run, although it certainly is a bit different than what we did before.  We appreciate your patience and willingness to work with this new system!

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